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Santa Ana Masonry Pros boasts some of the top stone and brick masons in California. Our team is ready to tackle any brickwork project you have in mind. We’re all about top-quality craftsmanship and making sure you’re completely happy with our work.

With 15 years of experience in brick repointing, repairs, and new builds, we’ve had the chance to perfect our skills and enhance our service quality. We’ve been a part of the Santa Ana community for nearly two decades and have no plans to stop. Our business thrives on word-of-mouth and customer referrals, so you can trust that we’ll do our utmost to deliver a project you’ll love and we’ll be proud of. For us, integrity in masonry is crucial. We always aim to complete projects on time and to the highest standard.

We’re equally passionate about brickwork restoration and installation and are ready to handle projects of any size. Thanks to our large team, both residential and commercial projects are finished promptly by seasoned professionals. We hope you’ll choose to work with us, and we’re excited to start a conversation with you!

15 years of brick repointing, repairs, and new construction has given us a tremendous opportunity to hone our skills and improve our service quality as a crew. We have been serving the Oakland community for more nearly two decades and we don’t plan on stopping any time soon. We rely heavily on word of mouth and customer referrals, so you can be sure we will do our absolute best to deliver a project that you’re happy with and that we can be proud of. When it comes to masonry companies, integrity is key. We make sure each project is done on time and well.

We love brickwork restoration and installation equally and would be happy to take on any size project. Since our team is quite large, you’ll always find that residential and commercial projects are completed in a timely manner by experienced professionals. We hope you choose to work with our team, and we can’t wait to speak with you!